Ace Baby Evolution (Adrien Hurst) carries a unique and powerful energy, facilitating healing, channeled from a direct connection to the angelic and source realms as well as the oldest star systems in our galaxy.  Her mission includes aiding in affixing all of us with Unconditional Love, as we grow in consciousness and evolution, now more rapidly than ever on this planet before, as we enter into the true Golden Era, the Age of Aquarius. 


  Gifted with an ability to hold sacred space for others with loving tenderness and childlike wonder, Adrien prompts deep releases and activations for others on their healing journey, in a way that delivers comfort to those who are receiving the transmissions in her presence. 


  Anchored in years of dedicated practice, connecting with her ancient lineages, Adrien finds solace playing and chanting mantras, the practice of Tantra and Kundalini, alchemical transformation of the body, mind and Soul through multi-faceted healing, sharing in sacred ceremonial space and emanating love. 


  Adrien opened her first wellness centre in 2012, and has been expanding and evolving exponentially ever since, helping others move deeper into themselves and deeper into unconditional love every step of the way.